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Artist Residency

Nick Cutroneo's Artist Residency is a 2 day collaboration between himself and high school and/or college guitar program.  Masterclasses provide students with the unique opportunity to work directly with Nick and come together as a group to put on a professional level performance.  In addition, the workshops and masterclasses give students the opportunity to learn from Nick directly and improve their repertoire through body awareness and technical development, deeper musical and historical insight, as well as relating ear training and music theory principles to their interpretations and execution of their repertoire.


In conjunction with Masterclasses and Workshops, the residency ends with a solo recital presented by Nick.  The first half of the program features selections from his "Old and New Legends" Solo Program.  The second half features a collaborative piece which the students get to perform with Nick.  The collaborative piece, Concertino for Guitar and Guitar Ensemble written by Richard Vaughan features Nick as the Soloist and the students performing together in a 4 part guitar ensemble.  In addition, the final performance may also include participation of the school's String Orchestra to perform Vivaldi's Concerto in D major.  ​

For a complete overview of Nick Cutroneo's Artist Residency, feel free to download the proposal.  In it is a complete breakdown of the 2 day artist residency, as well as a sample two day schedule.

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