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Check out all of Nick's releases including his debut album Emergence as well as stay up to date on all of his releases.

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Embracing the digital age, Nick's YouTube channel has videos from live performances, online concerts, studio video and educational content about music and the guitar.

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Artist Residency

A 2 day collaboration between Nick Cutroneo and a high school and/or college guitar program.  Workshops and Masterclasses are given to students and ensembles.  The residency end with a solo recital which features a collaboration piece which the students get to perform with Nick.  

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Live Streaming (Twitch)

Monday through Saturday, Nick streams his practice sessions live and unedited on his twitch channel.  The purpose is to provide a platform for people to come, ask questions and see "how the sausage is made".

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Groupmuse/House Concerts

Drawing inspiration from the Parlour Concerts of the 19th and early 20th century, Nick is an advocate for enhancing the connection of art, musician and audience member.  Every house concert is unique and offers it's own individual experience.  No two performances are the same!

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Community Outreach

These performances and lectures are specifically programmed for nursing homes, hospitals, and libraries.  Nick's program of both classic and modern repertoire is specifically chosen to expose audiences to music they'd normally not hear in passing while playing standards for the classical guitar.

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