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Jan 08, 2022
In New Members' Introductions
Hi all, I'm at the time of writing this I'm 720 hours into my 10,000 hours or practice goal. I stream a lot of my practice on twitch and will probably be doing a lot more this year. I also do a lot of non classical music work writing and learning R&B, hip hop, and rap using FLstudio 20 and I will have recording tips, tricks and guides for classical guitar recording on another threads here DAW tips and tricks (From an FL20 user) | Nick Cutroneo . My taste in music is quite wide so any band/song suggestions for me to listen to are more then welcome. (More to come)
Jan 07, 2022
In General Music Chat
This is a space for people to share general information on recording classical guitar, using EQ, effects, and other helpful production methods while arranging music in a DAW. Most of my posts here will be using FL20 but as DAW's are becoming more alike some if not most of the information here will hopefully be transferable in some way but if not I will make this for FL20 and separate threads can be made for other DAW's.
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