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Matteo Carcassi - Moderato in A Minor Op. 59, Part 3, No. 11 - The Moderato in A minor comes from the method book Méthode Compléte pour la Guitare Op. 59 by Matteo Carcassi (1796-1853). This method is split into three parts, and this piece comes from a collection of 50 pieces that Carcassi included in the third part of his method, providing players with a progressive collection of studies to apply the skills taught throughout his method.


The TPA Workbook Series aims to provide players with more than just the sheet music of the piece. Detailed overviews of techniques covered in the piece, musical/structural/harmonic analysis of the piece, and helpful suggestions for difficult passages.


This Workbook can be used independent of a teacher or in conjunction with your private lessons. Fingerings and interpretive points are suggestions. I encourage you to use the information provided to help develop and cultivate your personal musical interpretation. While the fingerings presented in the actual edition are those chosen by myself, you may find other fingerings more useful. In fact, alternate fingerings are provided in the workbook as well.


In addition to this workbook, you'll have access to a digital download of my performance of the Moderato. As official releases of student repertoire can be hard to find, my audio recording aims to provide students a model of a potential interpretation of this piece. This performing is just one of many different musical perspectives that one may have on this piece.


Video Performance


Video Lesson

Carcassi Moderato in A Minor Op. 59, Part 3, No. 11 - TPA Workbook and Audio

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