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Written in 2002, Phillip Hougthon has this to say about his work - Gothica: Book of Spooks and Spectres

"Ever since I was a kid, I've loved the supernatural - a world we can't seem to get our minds around, as it is around us!.. a primeval world of raw instinct, chaos, mystery, the unknown.  To get a fix on it, we turn it into myth and think of it as the "dark side" of Nature.  But I believe it is simply Nature itself and part of ourselves: fantastical, beautiful, dangerous.  Something beyond "clock-time" and reason, that the mechanistic world would have driven out of us - but for those who hear the silent roar.  These pieces come from that place.

They may be 10 movements of one big (20 min) solo, or they may be mixed and matched in any order and amount - I'll leave that to the performer to decide.  While the pieces range in difficulty from approx. grades 4 or 5 (ie No. 2) to 7 or 8 (ie No 9) the challenge rests in the colour, texture and dynamic in the music: the atmosphere the feel. I hope they're fun! 'Gothica' is dedicated to Deborah Creamer.

Gothica will be released on December 9th and is available for preorder now.  You can get the EP as a digital download in mp3, wav and FLAC formats. 


When you preorder, you'll have immediate access to both singles from Gothica to download and listen to!

"Headhunter" is the first single off the EP and will be released on October 31st.  You can pre-save the first single on Spotify or Apple Music.  Visit THIS PAGE for the pre-save links.

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music

Starting October 31st, Headhunter will be available on all stream platforms.

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