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Ferdinando Carulli - Andante in A minor Op. 241, No. 18 - During his life, Carulli wrote many small student level pieces designed to work on introducing/reinforcing technique and musical ideas. In "Andante" the student has to combine the 'Bass/Chord' (Boom/Chick) technique with alternating free-stroke scales in the A section. In the B section, the student has a melody with an alberti bass accompaniment. I use this piece to help a student become comfortable with this change in textures. In addition, in the left hand there are some slurs that provide an extra challenge for the student.


Playing Level: Early Intermediate

Suzuki Guitar Level: Book 3 and up


This version includes: Notation (no fingerings)


Video Performance:


Video Lesson:


For the full edition, which includes one version fully fingered (with Right and Left Hand fingerings), a TAB version and a "clean" version with no fingerings. -

Ferdinando Carulli - Andante in A minor Op 241, No. 18 (Notation only FREE)

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