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Fernando Sor - Exercise No. 1 (Andante) from 24 Exercises, Op. 35 - Sor wrote many collections of etudes, exercises and lessons for beginning and intermediate guitars. This piece comes from his collection of 24 Exercises, Op. 35. A very charming piece, it provides the student to explore shaping melodic lines in the form of melodic arpeggios as well as a bass line in the A and A' sections which is melodically independent from the top line. The opening 2 measures (repeated throughout the piece) offers a trick RH finger pattern, but when practiced the pattern accentuates the flowing melodic line. The B and C sections provide practice in 3 voice "alberti bass" texture. Specifically in regards to keeping the inner voice (the open G) subdue and under the bass and melodic voices.


Playing Level: Early Intermediate

Suzuki Guitar Level: Late Book 3/Early Book 4


This version includes: 1 version fully fingered (with Right and Left Hand fingerings), a TAB version and a "clean" version with no fingerings.


Video Performance and Lesson:


For the FREE "clean" version -

Fernando Sor - Exercise No. 1 (Andante) from 24 Exercises, Op. 35 (Sheet Music +

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