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Mauro Giuliani - Allegretto Op. 50, No. 12 (Les Papillons): This short piece provides students with a melody on top of an arpeggio accompaniment. The slow, lyrical melody can be brought out by either using a Rest Stroke on the appropriate notes, or by applying more weight to the finger playing the melodic notes. I use this piece to help students develop a sensitivity to complex textures as well as bringing out a melodic line within an arpeggio texture. In addition, there's some wonderful inner voice movement which is fun to bring out. This adds another dimension to the piece.


Playing Level: Intermediate

Suzuki Guitar Level: Mid/Late Book 4


This version includes: Notation (no fingerings)


Video Performance:

Video Lesson:


For the full edition, which includes: 1 fully fingered (with Right and Left hand fingerings) score, a TAB version, and a "clean" score with no fingerings

Mauro Giuliani - Allegretto Op. 50 No. 12 (Les Papillons) (Notation only FREE)

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