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August 2013 Updates

The start of the new school year is only a week away.  This summer has flown by.  This upcoming fall plans to be a busy one. Recording Session This past weekend, I went down to New Jersey for ...Read More

Inspiration Corner

Your weekly inspiration, in video form

Kavakos and Tarrega Edition

September 2, 2013



Using The Left Hand: The Thumb

The thumb is an important component of left hand technique on the guitar (Classical/Electric/Folk/etc...). It is something that I work on with my own students and am constantly refining with them, a...Read More


Stop Practice

I believe I've mentioned this before on my Blog, but every so often I find myself speaking to my students about the same concept, whether it is an interpretive, technical, or practice idea.  For the ...Read More

Tour Diary

Tour Diary: Tempo del Fuoco at UConn and SMSW

This weekend was a busy one for Tempo del Fuoco.  We kicked off our week long tour with two back to back concerts at The University of Connecticut's Community School of the Arts and The Suzuki Music ...Read More

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